Financial Advice

Looking for a financial adviser?

What is financial advice? What is financial planning? We are asked this quite a lot. Truthfully, the scope of services offered by financial advisers are quite broad, but in one sentence, financial advice is: “Advice to deal with modern life”.

Modern life has three overlays: personal change, legislative change and economic change. How these three entwine is where professional financial advice is important when planning for your objectives.

A financial adviser will look at the impact these changes have on you, and offer advice on how to move forward.

What does financial advice look like?

Let’s look at a timeline to show what we mean.

A couple in their early 50s tell their financial advisor that they want to pay off their home loan and retire to North Brisbane in 10 years. Sounds simple but over this period of time there have been the following changes that need to be considered in their retirement plans:




We generally see diverse reasons for change in people’s personal lives, these are some which may have affected our couple:

How our financial planning firm can assist you in achieving your goals

Financial advice shows the drip down effect of these three areas to you specifically and the positive and negative implications of change on your goals. There is constant change in our lives and it is the job of financial planning firms, and your financial adviser, to stay abreast of these changes and change their advice accordingly.

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